Our Manifesto

For centuries, humanity has been oppressed by the financial systems imposed upon them. Not by choice, but by association with the state and its financial foundations, typically archaic and draconian, driven by a collective few for the majority. The wealth divide has never been bigger, and the top 1% of wealth dictates the economic prosperity of the rest through the banking system. This forms an artificial barrier to true financial freedom for the masses.

Plutus Capital allows billions of underprivileged access to financial services and frees up existing financial slavery to give you true financial freedom.

With the advent of technology and great leaps taken by innovative financial thinkers and idealists, the concept of a decentralised ledger, and consequently a decentralised currency began to bear fruit. First Bitcoin. Then the Blockchain ecosystem began to flower, driving Financial Technology many steps forward.

We are Plutus. Since 2015, we have been a diverse group of pragmatic individual and idealists. We believe that the key to unlocking economic equality, prosperity and financial freedom lies to developing strong Fintech use-cases on a cutting-edge Distributed Ledger Technology. We aspire to bank the unbanked, bringing fundamental rights to billions of underprivileged. We want to unbank the banked, stripping away the financial prison that many in the first world are enslaved to. We are Plutus.

Founder's Intro

Robert Wojciechowski is an expert in strategic marketing and management in a variety of industries.

  • In more than 20 years of his career, he has worked in leading companies in the e-commerce, facility management and media industries.
  • He participated in the establishment of the national distribution Review Office and the Polish reader survey.。
  • In 2000, he also organized the Polish Internet survey and served as chairman of the Governing Council.
  • In the past two years, he has specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.
  • In oaam Consulting Ltd, he provides support for entities in blockchain strategy, crowdfunding and business tokenisation. He is also the Chairman of Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and New Technology Council.