About Plutus Mining App

— Community Owned

The Plutus mining app is a product that was developed collectively by more than 20 engineers and developers around the world. This makes it a community app, which is frequently updated to provide improved user experience and rewards.

Anyone can be a miner and earn Plutus tokens (PLT) on the Plutus app.

One way is to invite your friends to also use the mining app. As all of you continue to mine PLT together, everyone receives more rewards and thus earns more together.

Another way of earning more PLT is by consolidating your PLT with other users on the mining app. When PLT owners collectively stake their PLT on the mining app, everyone will receive their share of the daily reward generated by the app, which is distributed daily.

About Plutus Lending App

— Owned by Plutus Capital

Built on the Plutus chain, the Plutus lending app is a digital financial lending system that is accessible to anyone seeking more funds.

The immutable and transparent functionality of the Plutus chain ensures that all transactions are secure, protected and unedited.

This transparency and security gives users added confidence and clarity when borrowing funds on the app.

Crypto currency owners can become masternodes on the Plutus lending app by staking their tokens to validate transactions within the app. Masternodes are entitled to a proportion of transaction fees incurred.

About Plutus Blockchain

— Decentralised

The Plutus blockchain is maintained collectively by a community of 20 developers and engineers located around the world. They are also developing the Plutus mining app. As the chain grows, this decentralized community will be welcoming more developers on board to maintain the chain and app.

The Plutus blockchain uses Proof of Stake algorithm, and is the backbone of the Plutus user platform. All transactions on the app are open-source, and permissionless, and are verified by the app’s community of Masternodes.

A user can become a Masternode of the Plutus chain by staking PLT on the app, and validating transactions/ All the Masternodes share in the governance of the Plutus app and its development.

Masternodes are rewarded with PLT for every action that is produced on the Plutus chain. Hence, they earn more rewards when they are more active on the chain.

Plutus Blockchain Features

No Middlemen
No more bankers. No more banking institutions within Plutus. Lenders, borrows, guarantors interact in a trustless environment.
Minimal Fees
Plutus reduces fees to a minimal. Harnessing the best of blockchain technology, cost savings are passed to the end user.
Time Saving
Efficient Transactions
Plutus crosses borders. No exchange rate hassles and waiting for deposits. Transactions are near real-time.
Built to Scale
Plutus invests in expansion. Plutus is built to scale and continually invests in expansion to fulfil it’s fintech revolution mandate.
Plutus has a proprietary dynamic insurance fund that protects the users in the system.
Time Saving
Plutus is a self-adjusting and self-learning system which requires minimal intervention.